Celebs Go Dating Cast: has announced

Here’s who’s in search of love

Celebs Go Dating Cast: The Mansion is the new title for Season 2. The show will be aired from a luxurious new location.

The celebs and potential matches will be able to share a super-sized mansion together in a brand new series. There will be drama, dates, drinks, drama, and, most importantly, no hiding place!

Celebs Go Dating season 8: Who is it?

  • Celebs Go Dating 2021 cast
  • Chloe Ferry
  • Geordie Shore star

Chloe stated that she is excited to be joining the agency for the second year in a row! I enjoyed the entire process of the virtual series, but now I’m ready for the agents and to find me a match. I hope to feel a genuine connection by meeting face-to-face.

Curtis Pritchard

Curtis stated that he was excited to be a part of the Celebs Go Dating Cast Agency. I am looking forward to learning more. I cannot wait to meet the agents. I have never been on many dates in my entire life so I am excited to get out there and meet the right woman.

Karim Zeroual

  • Star of Strictly Come Dancing and actor

Karim stated that despite having ended a long-term relationship this year, he feels ready to get back into dating and go all out. I hope the agents will help me find the girl that I want.

Kimberly Hart-Simpson

  • Actor from Hollyoaks, Coronation Street and other shows

Kimberly stated that she joined the agency as she is 33 years old, lives with her mother and doesn’t understand why she’s still single. I have been out there and joined every dating app available, so I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I hope Anna and Paul can help me find the perfect match for whatever gender. “

Sophie Hermann

Sophie stated that 2020 has been a difficult year for dating. How many socially distant park walks can one take? I joined the agency in an effort to find love, and not spend another lockdown. The agency has a lot of work ahead of them due to my lackluster filter and pickiness. However, I trust them completely.

  • Tom Zanetti
  • Internationally acclaimed DJ

Tom stated that he doesn’t have a girlfriend because all of my businesses have closed down. He also said that he was being asked to live in a mansion with beautiful women and other crazy characters for one month. ERMMM, SIGN me up!

  • Wayne Lineker
  • Ibiza’s King Of Ocean Beach

Wayne stated that he was ready to find a partner after being single for more than two years. I have heard wonderful things about the agency and that Anna and Paul give sound advice. I am excited to see what the agents have to offer and to learn more about myself.

  • Joey Essex
  • Reality star
  • Joey Essex is back for another series of the show. He returns half-way through the series.

Is he going to find the perfect match?

The dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson will guide the stars on their way to finding love. Junior Client Coordinator Tom Read Wilson will also be there to help. Rob Beckett, who will be delivering his trademark humor as voiceover, will also return.

  • Celebs Go Dating cast’s Instagram earnings, Chloe Ferry “pocketing PS7000” per post
  • Celebs Go Dating Cast: The Mansion has a host of famous faces – it’s not only their love lives that will benefit.

After starring in the E4 romance series, the looking for love hopefuls will make a lot of money on social media. It is believed that Chloe Ferry, a reality star, is able cash in the most, while Wayne Lineker, the club owner, can negotiate the least.

Social media expert Chloe, who uses Instagram to promote her products, can make a healthy PS7000 per posting, according to Waleed Taleb at Veraclinic.net. This is partly due to her being “threatened back into the spotlight” by Celebs Go Dating.

The Mirror was informed by the expert that she had previously earned between PS400-PS1200 per Instagram post prior Fairy Light  to going on the show. However, her earnings will likely rise dramatically once she is back in the spotlight. She will be earning close to PS7000 per post for her month-long stay in Dubai.

DJ Tom Zanetti is hot on Chloe’s heels in the Celebs Go Dating Cast.

With a massive 438,000 Instagram followers, the hitmaker will be sure to see his account balance rise. This could mean that he could make between PS200 and PS4000 per Instagram post.

Next is Sophie Hermann, who has made a name for herself as an influencer and appeared on Made in Chelsea.

Meet the Celebs Go Daating cast, from Wayne Lineker to Chloe Ferry

Today, E4 revealed the complete line-up of Celebs Go Dating. Wayne Lineker and Curtis Pritchard joined the series.

E4 announced the full cast, including Lineker (the brother of pundit Gary) – who will join Love Island star Pritchard as well as Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry.

Strictly Come Dancing runner up Karim Zeroual, Hollyoaks actress Kimberly Hart -Simpson and DJ Tom Zanetti will be appearing on the show. Sophie Hermann, Made In Chelsea’s Sophie Hermann, will also be there.

The cast spent a month in a mansion happy shopp alone in search of love, with cameras watching their every move.

The mansion was also home to their potential love interests, so filming could continue despite the pandemic.

E4 confirmed that Celebrities Go Dating was back for 2021 and is bigger, bolder, and sexier than ever.

“This brand-new series will feature single, unlucky-in love celebrities who will embark on a four-week-long luxury UK dating retreat. Our cameras will follow our celebs 24 hours a day as they navigate the turbulent waters of modern dating.