Five Effective Ways to Promote Your Event Planning Business During The Wedding Season

The wedding season is a busy and profitable time for event planners, but it also comes with many challenges. Without a doubt, you need to stand out from the massive crowd, impress those who work with you, and build lasting relationships with a lot of people.

How can you do that? Here are five tips to help you succeed as an event planner and promote your services during the wedding season!

  1. Create Relevant Products

Your business may have hidden potential for the wedding market. You just need to think of how your products or services can fit into the wedding theme. For example, you can offer packages of decorations, personalized options, or mementos.

Offering wedding-related event planning packages is one sure way to jump into the season’s festivity. If you don’t think you and your team are ready to arrange a big wedding, you can try making a backyard wedding package, which is considerably more beginner-friendly.

In addition, there are some of the things that couples and guests love. Personalized gifts, for example, are especially popular. They can cater to different tastes and preferences. You can also sell anything from customized mugs to engraved jewelry, as long as you market it well.

  1. Post Social Media Content

Also, do not forget about sharing wedding-related content. Through this, you show the clients that you are not only assisting them in organizing a unique event but also in finding the best wedding vendors.

This may bring new customers to your company. As you may have known already, many of the wedding shoppers out there are not just looking for products but also need informative data for planning.

Publicizing wedding-related content is absolutely fine during this time. Some of the content may even promote your goods or services but, you should consider publishing more educative and captivating stuff on social media.

  1. Set Your Email Marketing Up

However, it is not difficult to use a practical marketing strategy like email marketing to set your services apart from others. If you haven’t already done so, it would be wise to give it a try and maybe some couples will contact you for assistance in their events.

First of all, event planners must understand their ideal client to have an effective wedding season email marketing campaign. Do you want to work with brides who need a sophisticated look? Or do you want to target couples who love wild event concepts?

Once you know who to target in your email marketing effort, you can start thinking about its content. Depending on your goal, you can include various materials in your messages, such as welcome notes, wedding package flyers, customer testimonials, etc.

  1. Do Strategic Networking

To be a successful event planner, you should also hone your networking skills. It involves more than just showing up at gatherings and talking about your company. What you need to do is make connections with various vendors and venue managers.

Start with five nearby venues. This can be achieved by taking part in their social media activities like sharing their posts and commenting on their images. Another way of supporting them is becoming an endorser for them.

Additionally, don’t forget to make an effort to connect with local wedding influencers. If you give them original ideas or a fresh take on a practice, you might be featured on their blog, as they are continuously producing content about weddings.

  1. Ask For Testimonials

Saying you’re a pleasure to work with is one thing. However, hearing it from someone else, especially a client, is quite another thing. Brides are thrilled to have a conversation about their weddings. So, ask them for it and they will gladly provide a testimonial about how you helped make their big day run as they want.

Highlighting testimonials on your company’s website is an excellent way to build authority because you’re offering what’s dubbed social proof. This isn’t just some meaningless way to show off. Instead, this is the “confidential ingredient” that will turn strong leads into loyal clients for your event planning business.

The Takeaway

The advantages of developing strategic promotion plans for each season should be obvious to all owners of event planning companies and marketing experts. But, some occasions, such as the wedding season, appear to be easily overlooked.

The usual wedding season lasts from April through mid-October. While it’s not necessary for your event planner’s marketing strategies to remain active for all those months, you may want to launch a campaign related to weddings at some point during these months.

It’s okay to let the wedding season pass if your business can’t find any connection at all to it. However, if you can afford the risk, go ahead and try it! It might open up new doors for your business in the years to come.