PorchLight Entertainment, Inc. was founded by Bruce D. Johnson, William T. Baumann, in 1995. It is dedicated to animation and television production. It was responsible for projects such as Jay Jay the Jet Plane and Adventures from the Book of Virtues.

PorchLight Entertainment is a Los Angeles-based animation studio that specializes in quality animated content for TV, DVD, and feature films. The studio is known for collaborating well with outside partners. It provides creative and production services starting with script writing and voice-recording and continuing through production, post-production and all levels.

PorchLight Entertainment 

PorchLight Entertainment recently completed a series for LeapFrog of the best-selling Direct to DVD animated specials. These specials have sold more than 5 million units and were widely praised by educators and parents.

PorchLight created KidMango in 2007, an online- happy shopp only TV network. It aired PorchLight TV series and also featured television series from third parties like Cookie Jar Group and Nelvana. In February 2014, the domain name expired and the main website was removed.

PorchLight also produced independent films, and the majority of Feature Films for Families were granted permission by PorchLight for them to be released to DVD.

PorchLight Entertainment, Inc. was founded by Bruce D. Johnson & William T. Baumann in 1995. It focuses on the development and production of TV series in live action as well as animation. It is a producer of animation for home, film and television.


PorchLight is a Los Angeles-based animation studio that specializes in feature films, direct-to DVD, and television. The Studio is known for its collaboration with external partners. It provides creative and production services from concept, script writing, voice recording, and all levels of animation post-production and pre-production. Peter Bergman was appointed CEO in 2011. PorchLight recently puppy culture completed animated leapfrog discounts that were direct to DVD. These have sold over five million units. PorchLight introduced KidMango in 2007, which was available only through Internet TV. It shows PorchLight series and also shows TV series from third-party producers such as PorchLight. Most feature films for families were allowed to be released on DVD by PorchLight. Two silhouettes of children sitting on the Porchlight are the company’s mascot.

Rio Vista Universal, Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide, Priscilla Presley To Develop ‘Althea’ Film Series

EXCLUSIVE – Rio Vista Universal and Porchlight Entertainment Worldwide are developing a sci fi film franchise based on the Almythea series. The movie will be a sci-fi action film with a cast of characters and a backstory of a 1000 year conflict. Althea: Rise of Wingtar, Althea: The Battle for our Souls are the first two books of the series written by A.J. Cootes.

Bruce Logan (cinematographer for Tron, 2001, A Space Odyssey, Batman Forever), has been signed on as the director of the introductory film. He is well-known for his special effects work, such as the destruction of Star Wars IV: A New Hope’s death star. The screenplay is being adapted by Steven A. Finly.