7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Cake

7 Tips To Help You Choose Your Wedding Cake

Planning a wedding is stressful. But there are many fun aspects to it. We love the part of wedding cake tasting! It’s a chance to sample all the delicious desserts and cakes available and then decide which one you will have at the reception for you and your partner. You don’t want to make it difficult by not being prepared when choosing your wedding cake. These seven tips will help you select the perfect wedding cake.

Select a style

Wedding cakes are one of the most important traditions of weddings. There are many styles and designs available. A traditional wedding cake is multi-tiered and frosted with fondant flowers or other fun designs. This design is great for traditionalists. You might prefer round tiers to square. Perhaps you prefer small, individual cakes to a larger cake. You don’t have to stick with the traditional wedding cake. There are many desserts that can be made into “wedding cakes,” including donuts, cupcakes, crepes and macarons. Once you have decided on the style of your wedding cake, you can get started.

Consider the design

Matching the theme or colors of the wedding to your cake design is a popular trend. If you have a nautical beachfront wedding and want to add some fun and playful touches, anchors or seastars would look great on your cake. A simple liner on your cake with the colors of your wedding would make a beautiful and elegant addition to a more traditional cake. You and your partner have a blank canvas on which to express your creativity and personalities. For inspiration, spend some time browsing websites like Pinterest or in wedding magazines.

Take your time

Planning the cake should be done at least three to six months prior to the wedding. It is important to allow yourself enough time to plan the style and design and to shop around for bakeries. You should allow yourself some extra time to search for the right bakery if you have a busy wedding season (spring/summer). Wedding cakes are in high demand and may be fully booked for the time you need. It’s not a good idea to leave the cake until the last minute, as this will cause stress during the weeks leading up the big day.

Find the right size

A specific size cake will be required depending on how many guests will attend your reception. The five-tiered cake looks like something out of a fairytale. However, it wouldn’t look right at a small wedding with fifty guests. Choose a style and size that suits the number of guests you are expecting at your wedding.

Set a budget

Be realistic about the amount you can and will spend on a wedding cakes. Compare the prices of different cake vendors to find out what an average price for a wedding cake of your design, size, and style is. Ask the vendor what they consider a standard size cake. If it is larger than you would cut, you might be able to save money by ordering smaller cakes. Consider making adjustments to the cake if it is beyond your budget. Is it really necessary to have a fifth tier, handmade sugar roses, or a custom-made lavender frosting? To get an idea of the cost of your dream cake, consult bakeries and cake vendors.

Enjoy the cake

The best part is the cake tasting! While you may already know the exterior of the cake, it is important to also know the inside. You and your partner will love the flavor(s) you choose for the cake and the frosting. You can try all the flavors if you want to make a chocolate cake.

Choose a bakery/vendor

After you have tasted the cakes, determined their style, price, and design, it is time to choose a bakery or vendor. You will hopefully have found one that suits your needs and works well with your other vendors after all the tastings and consulting. Keep looking until you find the one that suits your needs.

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