9 Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake

9 Tips For Making Your Own Wedding Cake

Good morning guys, today we’re going to discuss one of my absolute favorite things: wedding cakes. (Obviously!)

You can find many blog posts on the internet about why you shouldn’t make a wedding cake.

Sort of.

I wouldn’t recommend baking a cake if you are going to be busy the last days before your big day, whether that’s running between salon appointments or hosting out-of town guests.

If you’re getting married in your hometown or close to it, then you have a lot of work ahead of time. You can bake a cake – provided that you love baking! This can be a great way to unwind and relax.

Bridal Musings has embraced the trend of making your own wedding cakes. Not only have I made my sister and friend’s wedding cakes, but Claire Eliza’s mom also baked Claire’s flower confection & Claire’s coconut wedding cake. Claire was even wearing a swimsuit! While it is nerve-wracking (you don’t want to mess it up), it can also be very rewarding. It was so rewarding. I think it would have been less stressful to do it for my own wedding than it would for a friend.

It may look a little rustic and might even be slightly lopsided. Your cake will still be loved by your guests if you’re a relaxed bride who is as chilled as you are.

Be careful not to get all messy! You can read my top tips on how to make your own wedding cakes without creating chaos.

Be practical.

Can you bake? What do you love about baking? Do you like baking? Are they beautiful? Do you have the confidence and calmness to bake? These are all important questions to ask yourself before you bake your wedding cake.

Although the cake isn’t necessarily the most important element of your wedding, it should not be overlooked. If you ruin the day, or even the day itself, by worrying about how the cake looks, tastes, and whether it is raw in the middle, it’s probably not worth it.

Keep your cake simple.

You don’t have to bake something new just because you’re getting married. (Each tier represents an indigenous fruit native to northeast Cambodia). This is not the time to try out different recipes. Make sure you use a proven recipe that you can easily bake and then decorate it with ease.

Three tiers (or three) of my Guinness-style chocolate Guinness cake were baked to serve as the wedding cake for my sister. None of the tiers were different, and nobody noticed. Why not make a fantastic pie, a legendary macaroon, and a champion cheesecake instead? A wedding cake does not have to be three tiers covered with white icing.

Make preparations in advance

Make sure to do as much pre-planning as you can. Even if the cake has been made many times before, make sure you do at least one test run. Friends and family will be more than happy to try it out!

Don’t forget to prepare your ingredients before you bake.

Bake fruit cakes and biscuits early if possible. These cakes can last longer so you should bake them several days before your big day.

Make sure you do it for the right reasons.

Only bake your own wedding cakes for the right reasons. If you don’t have the budget to buy a fancy cake, then you can either make your own or use a store bought one. Or, you can make a simple cake at home and decorate it with decorations.

You can ask a friend or family member to bake it. Or, you could request your guests to bring their own desserts.

You should only bake your wedding cakes if it’s something that you really enjoy, not just to save money or impress your guests.

Hire a helping hand.

One. Uno. Singular. It doesn’t matter if you have guests in your home.

Although it is a good idea to have someone nearby to wash the mixing bowls or answer your phone calls, too many people will stress you out while you are creating your masterpiece.

Clear the kitchen.

It is important that you empty your kitchen of unnecessary people. It is easy for our homes to get cluttered before a wedding. There are no boutonnieres, no wedding cards and no last minute DIY projects.

A clear workspace makes your bake go so much faster. It is not good to discover that you have forgotten to add vanilla because it was hiding under a pile ribbons.

The day is free.

Allot a full day for making your cake. An entire day without appointments, no dinner plans, and no “just nipping to pick up …”.”! Although you may be able timing your bake, decoration will not be possible. If you rush the process, it will not look right.

I spent approximately three hours covering the Pineapple Pina Colada Wedding Cake with coconut-icing. It took me about an hour. It’s an extremely important cake and even the most laid-back baker can get obsessed with perfection.

It can be done with decorations.

Be wary of making your bake look unprofessional. Even if the icing is not perfect, the bake will still look great once you have finished decorating.

My sister’s wedding cake looked a little too “weddingy” before I added the Mr & Mrs toppers. Even the most basic cake can look stunning with some flowers.

You don’t have to make it Mississippi mud pie or a 12-tiered sponge. Just add flowers, foliage and a cake topper or fancy stand and voila!

(P.S. For inspiration, see the simple decorated and naked cakes in this post.

Take a look at transportation.

A professional baker can often help you with the tedious task of transporting your cakes to your wedding venue.

Before you start assembling your final cake, consider the logistics. Do you want it to travel in pre-built boxes or as separate cakes? Will a cake container do?

It is best to leave it at the venue before you start assembling. However, it is important that you don’t transport the item in your wedding vehicle with you. Particularly if you have chocolate!