How to make a wedding website

There’s still so much to do before the big day. You’ll want to spend your time choosing colors, tasting cakes, and looking over guest lists.

You can build your own website for your wedding to keep your guests updated, share information in one place, and stay organized. It allows you to organize everything, saves time, and makes it fun to document your special day.

Select a website builder

You don’t have to depend on a web developer or spend hours learning code to make your wedding website. Instead, you can use a website building tool to build it. It is an easy and quick way to create a website. Many builders also offer free plans and trial periods.

It can be difficult to choose from the hundreds of available website builders. This is where we excel – we have tested more than 50 website builders so we are in a great position to recommend the best.

Three Best Wedding Website Builders

Wix – Combines ease of use and creative freedom

Squarespace – The best designs on the Market

The Knot – A specialized website builder for weddings

Pick a Unique Domain Name

After you have chosen your website builder, it is time to choose a unique domain name. This is the name of your site that appears in the web address – for example, ours is

A domain with the branding of the website builder is available when you sign up for a free plan. So you could have a website address that looks like this: – as you can see, it’s not very memorable, catchy, or professional-looking!

A custom domain is required if you need a unique website address. This costs slightly more. Your website builder can purchase your domain, or you can use a third-party registry like GoDaddy.

Personalize and Choose a Template

Templates are available from website builders that you can modify to make them your own. This allows you to save time and effort as you don’t need to create a website from scratch. Instead, you can choose a template that you like, customize it, and then publish it.

It is important to choose a template for your event that best reflects you and your relationship. Your guests should understand what they can expect from your big day. A relaxed, rustic wedding is a better choice than a sophisticated, elegant one.

Include the important details

You’re happy with your design, and your site looks great. Now it’s time for the details.

Your site can be used as a “save-the-date” page if you are still planning. Be sure to include your name and your partner, the address, and the date. It is likely that you will soon be sharing more important information. This allows guests to know that they are not being left out of important details, such as the dress code and the exact time.

You can make your wedding planning easier if you have already sent out your save the dates and invitations. To give your guests some help, add new pages, text boxes and images to your site.

Add an RSVP Form

You can send out traditional invitations using RSVP slips, but this is completely optional. This is something you should consider if your family has a lot older members who might have difficulty accessing your wedding website. You don’t want anyone to miss out!

However, it is super easy to insert a RSVP form into your site. This allows you to relax and manage your guest list while enjoying a cup of tea and your website at your fingertips.

Add a gift registry

It’s bad manners to include registry information in invitations. How are you supposed to tell people where to shop for gifts? It would take too much time and be awkward to call everyone.

Your wedding website is the best place to direct people to the right gifts. Include links to relevant websites so guests can find out where you have registered gifts.

Create a unique website

Popular culture has a lot to say about wedding crashing, whether it’s in movies, TV soaps or pop songs. But, no one wants to experience the horror of uninvited guests showing up at their wedding in real life.

It is important that your website only be accessible to your visitors. There are two ways to do this. You can do this by editing your website settings. This will prevent your site from appearing in search engine results like Google.

You can also password protect your website and only send it to your guests. If you are organized, you could first set up your website and then add the URL and password to your save the dates cards or invitations.

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