Michael Afton

Michael Afton, also known as Mike Schmidt or Eggs Benedict, is the main protagonist in several Five Nights at Freddy’s games. He is the older brother to Elizabeth Afton and the son of William Afton. It is still debated whether Mike is the Older Brother of the Crying Child.

Michael Afton Transformation

After beating the Custom Night mode on Very Hard, you will be welcomed to a secret cutscene that shows what craigslist nh happened after Ennard placed himself in michael afton body and replaced his organs.

Michael appears normal in the first minigame. He wears a purple shirt with blue pants. He waves cheerfully to the people around him.

The second minigame has him changing his skin color from tan-pink pink to tan. He continues to wave his arms and smiles at everyone around him.

Michael’s skin appears to be more green in the third minigame. He has a confused expression on the face of the first person he passes. The rest of the people he passes are just normal and wave cheerfully.

His body eventually experiences a spasm and he re-introduces the robotic parts of Ennard into his sewer. He is presumably unconscious and lies down on the ground. The player hears Baby saying “you won’t die”, and Michael rises while Ennard’s eyes are visible in the sewer. Michael finally freed Elizabeth. However, it is not clear what the meaning of “finding” William means.

Golden Freddy “Very hard” Cutscene

After defeating “Very Hard” Golden Freddy mode at Sister Location, Michael Afton, probably right after Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 events, speaks to Springtrap.

Michael Afton Survival Logbook

The Survival Logbook shows Michael being sarcastic and making comments about Fazbear Entertainment’s inability to provide safety and care for its employees. Also, the book shows that Michael is paranoid on the job. This suggests that he has one eye open while sleeping. He answers the question on page 6 by saying that he was interested in the free pizza. This suggests that his motivations for working are quite simple. When asked what he would prefer for his bonus at the end of the week, Michael circles the money basket rather than the exotic butters he received from Sister Location. This shows that Michael is responsible and has his priorities straight.


His story is told mostly through silent actions in retro-graphics or reading the Survival Logbook messages in red pen. He is an artist, as you can see from the many drawings in the Survival Logbook.

Michael Afton has one main goal: to find William. However, it is not known if he intends to kill him.