Renaissance Wedding Dress: for the Princess

What are we doing here? The kingdom is being visited by royal messengers who are spreading the news about a happy union between the princesses and their worthy suitors. This joyous news has been awaited for years. What’s the best part? Our humble shop has been chosen by the princess to offer her samples of renaissance wedding dress. It is an incredible honor! We are humbled. We can show you some examples of the types of wedding dresses that Princess Diana can wear to make her day unforgettable. After all, we wouldn’t want any member of Royal Family to be disappointed!

Renaissance Wedding Dresses in All Styles and Colours

At, we have our very talented seamstresses hard at work, constantly coming up with new styles and designs for our Renaissance wedding dresses. The Princess may choose one of our gowns to wear at her wedding. This will allow the whole kingdom to experience the handcrafted quality you can expect from our shop. You will be able to show the entire kingdom how beautiful you can look when exchanging eternal vows while wearing one of our Renaissance wedding gowns!

We are confident that we can find something for the Princess that is unique and not so traditional. This Queen’s formal dress, this Renaissance Tudor gown and this Renaissance ball gown are just a few examples. Yes, I believe I will send them all at least one of these!

Renaissance Wedding Dresses Create Lifetime Memories

Our Renaissance wedding dresses reflect this period of intellectual and artistic creativity. We have the right dress for you, whether you’re a participant in historical reenactments, or simply someone who loves to celebrate the time when Botticelli, da Vinci, and Michelangelo were the greatest, regardless of your passion. Your dress can be used as the centerpiece of a Renaissance wedding with authentic food and entertainment or you can wear it to add historical flair to a modern ceremony.

Renaissance Wedding Dresses: What are the Features?

These beautiful gowns have authentic details such as billowing sleeves or detailed embroidery. It’s like being part of a long tradition. These dresses are very easy to maintain. You can even find machine washable Renaissance wedding gowns that can be reused for performances, Renaissance fairs, or other SCA events. You won’t have to keep your gown in the closet after your ceremony. Instead, you can wear it repeatedly. You can adjust many of our gowns to fit your body. These dresses can make your wedding more romantic than a royal one. Your guests will talk about your event and your gown for years to follow, and the memories that you make will last a lifetime.