10 tips to make the most of your Bridal Consultation

Do your due diligence before booking an appointment

Explore your options. To better understand your style, create an Inspo Board on Pinterest or Instagram (you can take photos if necessary and bring them along). Please note: security reasons require us not to accept links from these boards). Furthermore, research the bridal codes relevant to your Bridal Consultation culture and church with your stylist and consultant.

Have you already decided on the style of wedding that you envision?

What type of wedding do you envision for yourself? Imagine walking down the aisle with all of your friends and family, throwing the bouquet, and celebrating. What should you be wearing? A gown that has some unusual but beneficial functions such as detachable pockets for holding vows would be ideal! What would be best? A simple order or an extravaganza? Write it down so we can discuss it during our consultation.

Establish a Budget Bridal Consultation

Setting an achievable budget is paramount. Be sure to set aside 10%-20% extra for emergencies, so that you do not run into financial issues while working towards your big day. This will ensure you remain focused and organized during this challenging period leading up to your special occasion.

Create a schedule tailored specifically to your appointment.

Spend up to four hours discussing your custom-designed gown ideas with an experienced designer. Try not to feel overwhelmed when brainstorming both your bridal gown and attendants; instead, focus on one appointment at a time. You can book it online, by phone, or visit; just call one day prior as interest in what type of appointment works best for you. Weekday appointments tend to have calmer atmospheres since weekends tend to be spent getting the bride ready for her big day.

  • Complete our online consultation form for assistance.
  • Our website provides a consultation form to help us prepare for your appointment.
  • Make your appointment as soon as possible to guarantee a spot in the schedule.

Be prepared for a long wait when placing an order, so it is essential that you arrive on time and avoid last-minute changes. While it may seem strange or out of the ordinary to book an appointment without calling ahead, do so if you have any queries or need to book your slot well in advance.

Keep an open Bridal Consultation mind/Don’t rule anything out just yet

Be prepared, but don’t rule anything out. Even if some silhouettes aren’t your typical taste, you might be pleasantly surprised by our custom designs! We work closely with clients and provide advice on the most suitable styles.

Additional Tip: Wedding dress colors include Ivory, Champagne and Diamond White. To determine which shade best complements your skin tone, we tested each hue separately.

Take your measurements in person. If you require a fitting, request one at least one month prior to your wedding date.

Even if your goal is to reduce weight, it’s safer to sew with the actual size of your body rather than ordering a smaller size. That is why it’s easier to alter an already fitted dress rather than trying to tailor one that doesn’t quite fit properly.

An additional tip: Don’t forget your undergarments! SugarKane provides four fittings: one to get feedback, another to check if measurements have changed, and a final one when the bride is ready to walk down the aisle.

The more people you bring with you, the better Bridal Consultation

Making decisions when there are more than three people involved can be a lengthy process. Your mother and close friend should accompany you to any in-person consultation if possible; make sure they are familiar with your tastes and preferences.

Feel liberated to express yourself freely

Maintain your core beliefs, no matter what others say. Be open-minded but never compromise your values or desires for your wedding day. There’s no need to be overly insistent; after all, it’s your day and more money is likely being spent so there will likely be more room to discuss likes and dislikes. You may feel anxious or stressed trying to balance what you want with what your family requires; if speaking up is uncomfortable, let the person assisting you know that they are willing to work with you if necessary for you to achieve what you desire – compromises are rarely necessary here!

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