These are the best wedding planning tips

These are the best wedding planning tips

The organization is key to making sure everything runs smoothly during the planning phase. While making decisions about the various elements of the wedding, you need to be mindful of the timelines and make lists. Don’t forget your partner in this process. You should be represented as a couple at your wedding.

You might be wondering where to start. We’ve got your back. Remember to have fun and remember one thing. This is your big day.

Get married on the date you choose

The first step in Indian weddings is to set a date. You’ll likely get a date that is favourable for many weddings if you keep all of the Indian customs and conveniences in your mind. You can consider traffic flow and travel arrangements when setting your wedding planning date. A set date will allow you to easily book vendors.

It is best to start early

We all agree that it is important to have enough time to plan your wedding. You should plan early and spread the planning out over time. You should allow yourself enough time to plan your wedding before you start any type of planning. You are always best to plan ahead. As long as possible, aim to make it last around one year. You will have enough time to make backups for everything.

Before you start, set a budget

It is crucial to establish a budget before you start wedding planning. The wedding’s design will be influenced by your budget. You should involve your partner so you can decide on things such as splitting the bills or choosing venues, decor, etc. You should ensure that your outfits, hairstyle, shoes, accessories, and nail appointments are included in the overall wedding budget. Include them in your overall wedding budget. Set a budget, find venues and decide what you want for your wedding. This will allow you to narrow down your choices.

Talk to your family about the budget

Once you have established a budget, it is time to start planning the rest. Instead of spending your time deciding on a budget, get involved with your family and ask them for their opinions. Ask them how much they can contribute, especially if they have done the wedding tango. Consider asking family members or relatives to help you contribute money to the wedding vendors or details.

Choose a theme

Planning a wedding involves a mix of big ideas such as location, theme, venue, guest list, and budget. But, there are also smaller details that can make a difference. Once you have established your budget, you can begin planning the theme of your wedding. You can choose to have an overall theme that defines your wedding, or you can make each function a unique theme. If you don’t want to stick with a specific theme, or find it too restrictive, you can always think of other colour combinations that you could use for your wedding. This will allow you to focus on the elements such as decor, venue, catering, etc.

Make a Checklist for Your Wedding

A checklist for your wedding will help you stay organized. Either use Excel or Word to create your checklist. Or you can go the traditional route and keep it in a notebook or journal. Once you have a list, you can tackle each issue one at a time. You’ll also be able keep track of what has been completed and what is still pending. You’ll notice certain items that are not important or necessary will fall to the bottom of your priority list as you organize and prioritize. You can remove items from your list if you decide they aren’t necessary or important. You’ll save time and money this way.

Do not be in a hurry

It is important to not be in a rush. Things can get messed up if we are in a rush. We recommend that you begin planning early. No matter what your decision is, do your research.

Discuss and create your menus

Next, you need to create a menu for your wedding. Most wedding venues will allow you to cater. However, if they don’t, or if you need a specific catering company for your event, it’s time to get in touch with them. Check to see if your caterer is available for your wedding, what cuisines they offer, and if they are able to provide the type of menu you require. You can also decide what kind of menu you would like, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, vegan food, and food without onion or garlic. When you are deciding on your menu, consider whether alcohol should be included or not. Also consider which functions should include a bar.

Create/Design Your Wedding Invitation

It is important to ensure that your wedding invitations are ready and designed on time. You can create a digital wedding invitation using any of the many creation apps available. You can even customize it for particular functions. You can also hire a professional wedding invitation designer. Your wedding invitations and stationery should still be prepared in advance.

Compare Your Vendors

Always get quotes from multiple vendors when researching and compare their prices to the services you are looking for. Talk to family members and friends who may have experience with vendors. You can also check out the testimonials and reviews online to see if the vendor is trustworthy. Today, most vendors have a social media profile. Check out their social media profiles, such as Instagram and Facebook to see their digital footprint. You can get a better understanding of their work through their comments and social media feeds.

Ask Your Married Friends for Advice

Your friends and relatives who are recently married can be very helpful in giving advice. Because they are already married, they can offer honest advice and help you find the right vendors. They can also recommend good vendors to work with. Ask for their advice on the planning process and the tips they used. If their wedding was closer than your dream, it will be a great help.

You can save some time between the wedding and honeymoon

It is not possible to go on your honeymoon immediately after a Indian wedding. There are certain customs you need to follow after the wedding, and it can be costly. It’s best to leave a gap between your wedding and your honeymoon. This will help you control your budget and allow for you to concentrate on one thing at the time.

Organise an Initial Planning Meeting with Your Vendors

Hitch Key Wedding Planner recommends meeting with vendors to begin planning. “Initial meetings are crucial for ensuring success in every aspect of the wedding and allow you to get to know each other.” This allows you to set and manage expectations, such as dates and budgets. Posting emails to planners at hotels and airlines could be done nightly. So you can sleep peacefully and receive a response by the time that you get up the next morning. These meetings allow you to understand the vendor’s expectations and communicate your expectations to them. What are their ideas? These ideas are they compatible with the wedding theme. What can you do to combine them in a cost-effective and creative way that will make your wedding memorable? Think about your tastes with your partner. You should choose one that reflects both of your personalities.

Set Aside Some Extra Money

Every parent, every couple and planner will tell you that it is important to always have an extra budget. Extra arrangements can be made for unexpected circumstances, such as last-minute guests arriving late or transportation issues. Unforeseen circumstances can always arise at the last moment. This extra money will come in handy.

No-Show Guest

It’s possible for some guests to not show up at your wedding. This is normal. It is possible to estimate that 10-15% of your guests will not be able to attend your wedding. It could depend on many factors, such as the venue and their previous commitments. You should always check in with your guests, even at the last minute, and organize the list accordingly.

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are very popular these days. If you are planning a destination wedding, make sure to research and find the right travel agency for you. You will also need to have local coordinators who can arrange transportation, hotels, and other services.