The “Wedding Bees” Guest Book Review

Sugar Wallace just moved into an apartment building in a charming but older area of Manhattan. This small penthouse, on the fifth floor, has a beautiful view and a large terrace. Wedding Bees made this move as part of a series of annual moves since she fled her wedding. She was a debutante, the daughter of wealthy Charleston parents and was about to marry a handsome man. Sugar fled because of his arrogant, bossy, and violent personality. Sugar loved to spend time with her beloved grandfather, who had recently passed away, and from whom she learned a lot about beekeeping. She took her beehive with her to Charleston when she moved. It has been with Sugar ever since. She has been able to make a living selling honey and other bee-related products in every town she has lived. Her friendly, kind, and helpful personality have won her many friends.

Sugar is able to get to know her neighbors and use her positive ways to bring them together. Her neighbors are very different and make for wonderful, hilarious, and sometimes bittersweet stories. Sugar meets Theo, a Scottish lawyer. They are attracted to each other but there are incidents that make it seem that they don’t have chemistry.

The book is dominated by Sugar’s bees. Her current queen bee, Elizabeth the Sixth (descended from Elizabeth the First), plays a major role. The ebook course teaches you a lot about bees, including how they are raised, their personalities, what they like and dislike, and the amazing and versatile honey they produce.

The Wedding Bees was a book I could not put down. I read it in one day. You will be able to laugh and think about the characters, and you’ll want them as your friends. This book is a must-read.

Thank you to Sarah-Kate Lynch, for providing the book and an honest Wedding Bees Review

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