8 Common Concerns After Engaging

Engaged women are bound to experience mixed emotions. It’s likely to be the most joyful and joyful time in your life. However, it can also be the most stressful and nerve-wracking. This could be the most important decision you make in your life. It’s normal to feel confused, if not a little worried, as you plan your wedding and future. Most women admit that they felt the same way.

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We asked relationship experts for their top tips to help you prepare. They also shared their top tips to help you address some of your questions and thoughts.

Are I making the right choice?

It’s normal to wonder if your partner is ready for marriage, even if you are in love. If you are asking yourself questions such as “Is this my soulmate?” Are you asking yourself questions like “Can I live with this person for my entire life?” It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are making a wrong decision. Dr. Rudi Rahbar is a psychologist who specializes on couples and families. Both men and women can question their decisions because we don’t have the ability to see the future.

Are we looking for the same kind of wedding?

You and your partner may not have had a detailed discussion about your dream wedding before you got engaged. Dr. Rahbar explains that wedding planning is a time when couples learn more about each other and tensions rise as they experience new pressures. This is normal, however. She adds that men and women may have different ideas about what they want and how much money they would like to spend on a wedding. This can cause tension in any relationship but with careful communication, you can find a compromise that suits both your needs.

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Are we able to afford to get married?

Anyone who has been to a wedding knows that they are expensive affairs. Although you may be thrilled to get engaged, it is normal to feel anxious about spending the money involved in getting married. Dr. Rahbar says that money is always a source for contention in a relationship. If you are having arguments about cake toppers and napkins, it is time to step back from wedding planning and reconnect. Talk about what is important and not. She explains that this is the best time to teach compromise to a couple who are engaged.

Is he/she really interested in marrying me?

It is not unusual for one partner to make ultimatums to the other when they are ready to marry. Claudia Six, Ph.D. is a clinical sexologist and relationship coach. She warns that this is not the right way to start your marriage. She says, “Unless you want to drive the bus and have the illusion that you are in control, you will end up being resentful.” To get an honest assessment of your partner’s feelings, if you are seriously unsure if your proposal was forced, it is worth sitting down with them.

Are you truly ready to be a member of his family?

Remember that when you marry your partner, it is also marrying into their or her family. You’re not alone if you feel uneasy about this. Many people wonder if they are able to stand the entire family of their partner for the rest of life. Dr. Rahbar advises that you should remember why you are proposing marriage to this person. If there are legitimate concerns, talk about them, but be open and gentle. Communication is crucial.

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Is it possible to be pressured into setting a date?

It may feel like you are finally free from the constant requests of people to find out when you will get engaged. But soon you realize they have been replaced by inquiries about when you will set your date. It can be exhausting! Dawn Michael, Ph.D. is a certified sexuality counselor, and clinical sexologist. Dawn warns that this idea should not become stressful. She says that while a long engagement can be a positive thing, it is also important to allow the couple to get acquainted as a way to prepare for marriage. Take time to choose a date, then let it go for awhile and enjoy the engagement.

Do I mind having one partner for the rest my life?

Even if you have been together for many years, or even decades now, the idea of never being able to sexually with another person for the rest your life is a scary one. Talk to your partner if you have serious concerns. Dr. Six says, “Don’t rush to get more bedposts just to make sure he’s the one that you want.”

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What will happen at his bachelor party?

You may have heard from your partner that he attended bachelor parties and shared stories about the groom’s misbehavior with you. This could be a reason to be concerned about his behavior once he is in the bachelor seat. Dr. Six says that a long-lasting marriage requires setting boundaries and being able negotiate a win-win. While you don’t have to make the law, you can express your concerns, fears, and make requests.