5 “Travel Pillow” cases that can improve

Your Sleep on the Road for Good

No matter whether you are a business executive who Travel Pillow sleeps at Ritz and flies business, or a backpacker who books dorms and takes the redeye, having a dedicated travel pillow bag will help improve your sleep.

A college friend suggested to me that I bring a pillowcase from home with me when I travel. While I initially didn’t understand the concept, it soon became something I don’t want to leave home without.

What is a Travel Pillow Case?

It is exactly what it sounds like: a pillowcase you use only when you travel. You can use it in any shape or color. However, you should only use it for travel.

It could be used at home. It’s a good question. The answer is that if your laundry gets in regular circulation, you are more likely not to remember to pack it. I wash my clothes after every trip and then put it back into my bag to make sure I don’t forget.

You can use your pillowcase from home. This is a great question. My sister found the answer when she took a pillowcase from her bedroom and left it in Europe. If you don’t want to risk having mixed-matched pillows on your bed when you return home, invest in a travel pillowcase. Only use it when you travel!

What is the Point of using a Travel Pillow Case?

For the longest time, I didn’t care what my pillowcase or bed looked like. All sleep was equal and a mattress was a mattress.

Until then, I was in Cambodian Hell

It was so terrible that I arrived on a late-night bus and found the last room in a hostel. The sheets and pillows looked like they were hand-made and never washed. It was horrible.

Since then, I have followed my friend’s lead and packed a travel pillowcase (or sheet depending on where I am going) with me every time I pack. It’s no longer a concern about the smell of my pillow or how clean it is – I simply take it out when I unpack and slip it on. I feel like I have a little bit of home.

A pillowcase that I trust is also a good choice, as I have found that certain materials can cause my face to break out.

What makes a good Travel Pillow Case?

There’s no secret to a good pillowcase. I recommend buying something that is identical in size and material to the one you already have. Here’s a cheatsheet to help you shop on Amazon if you are like me and don’t know what your pillowcase is made from.

  • Polyester: The cheapest, but a bit rough for my tastes
  • Silk: Best for your skin, most expensive
  • Cotton: Most breathable. If not washed, it can absorb oils and irritate the skin.

Want More? These are 5 travel pillow cases for your next Trip

Don’t worry about finding the perfect travel pillow case. It will be stained, lost, or damaged on your next trip. The more you spend time searching for the right one, the more stress it will cause you later.

Buy something you love in the color you choose and made with the fabric that you prefer. You’ll probably need at least two so you have one to keep in case the first one is lost to the travel gods.

Spasilk Satin Travel Pillow Case

Because it is affordable and optimized for hair and skin health, the SpaSilk Silky Satin Travel Pillow Case is our top pick. We all know that traveling can be stressful. Sometimes we don’t want our hair to look a certain way or need to maintain our beauty routine. This SpaSilk travel pillowcase is designed to prevent bedhead. The smooth satin weave allows hair glide effortlessly along the surface of the pillowcase, preventing split ends and messy beds.