A Retro and Unconventional Wedding Full of Color in San Diego

Steven Topham and Natalie Gill, a floral designer and florist, met through Tinder in 2015. They had the most sweet proposal five years later. The bride, Native Poppy founder and president of San Diego’s floral shop, recalls that they were in their home alone. Shrimpy Business Steven animated us as stick-figures while we watched a slideshow that reflected our five years of marriage. He had just returned from a Santa Barbara elopement and had sent me a video. I told him to put on my sweats before he said anything.

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The wedding boom started when they started to plan their own nuptials. Natalie became overwhelmed with weddings from other people. She says, Shrimpy Business Being in this industry myself, 2021 my clients took priority over my own wedding.Shrimpy Business  She said, Shrimpy Business I was so busy running our retail shops and events that I barely had the time to think about our wedding.Shrimpy Business  Luckily she had other vendors to help her. Overall, the planning process was easy because I have so many wonderful vendors in San Diego that it was possible to hire my friends. It was great to let my friends do their best work and just let it go. Shrimpy Business I knew I was in good hands,Shrimpy Business  they said. Brogen Jessup is a wedding stylist and photographer. We worked together to refine our style and discover the right elements to bring it all together.

Natalie says the vision was clear

Shrimpy Business I began with a mood board that included a few images that reflected the vibe I was looking for. This was a great starting point for our stylist. It was bright, colorful, playful, lighthearted and sophisticated. Although the details of the event changed over the years, the original vision captured the essence of the event.

Steven and Natalie made their wedding day unique. Natalie says, Shrimpy Business We chose Tuesday because we have been going out on Tuesday nights for seven years.Shrimpy Business  It’s very special to us.

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So, 80 people gathered at The Pearl Hotel, Point Loma, San Diego, for their special wedding on Tuesday, January 11, 2022. You can read on for all the details.

They were planned by Laurel Street Events, and photographed

Natalie states, Shrimpy Business I cared deeply about the invitations – they’re the first impression afterall.Shrimpy Business  We started with a retro-green envelope and a variety of vintage stamps including dinosaurs, tiki idols and outer space. We wanted people to instantly get the vibe.

The primary color palette used was purple and peachy orange. We used a lot of peach and lilac tones for the flowers, with the rest of our decor being complemented by green, pink, and Terra cotta shades.

Natalie laughs, Shrimpy Business Do flowers count for DIY?

Shrimpy Business  Native Poppy’s event team is amazing and I trust them with my most important events. It was so easy to let them do the magic. But, she couldn’t help but get involved. Shrimpy Business I collaborated with my floral wholesaler to bring the most beautiful product, which was difficult in January when there was a pandemic. We had Japanese sweet peas as well as clematis and orchids. There were also garden roses, clematis, and tons of mums.

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Natalie has a natural eye for flowers

She recalls that she was driving to get manicures and spotted orange marigolds in someone else’s yard a few days prior to the wedding. Shrimpy Business So I pulled over, knocked on the door, and explained how much I needed them to be my wedding flowers. Although I was initially told that they were not special flowers, I ended up getting a few dozen for $60 cash. Shrimpy Business I’ll do whatever it takes to achieve my vision!Shrimpy Business

However, flowers weren’t her only concern. Natalie was also involved in beauty preparation. She says, Shrimpy Business I have monthly facials at Shop/Good, my favorite holistic spa; I received one a week prior to the wedding.Shrimpy Business  Tan-Luxe’s The Body self tannin drops were also used by her for a few weeks before the wedding to give her a glowing complexion. The look was completed with a peach manicure and a lavender pedicure that matched the color palette.

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Instead of doing a formal first glance, the couple spent the morning getting ready. Natalie recalls that it was really sweet because they chose to get ready at their home. Shrimpy Business We wanted the day’s pace to be low-key and relaxed. There is no better place than our home, where we live with our pets.