WEDDING VOW TRENDS – Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony

Although the idea of exchanging wedding vows dates back to Ancient Rome, actual traditions regarding the exchange of vows has evolved over time. Your vows can be a special way to show your love on your wedding. You can create a memorable and unique wedding ceremony experience by saying “I do” to these new trends in wedding vows.

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Writing your own wedding vows is a popular trend. Writing your own vows has many benefits. There are no set rules. It’s possible to write whatever you like about your relationship with your partner, followed by a promise that you will love them. Couples may include favorite quotes from movies, books, or stories about how they met. It doesn’t matter what the vows say, it matters that they are sincere.


Framing and displaying vows is a wonderful way to remember your special day if you have chosen to write them yourself. Handwritten vows earn you an extra bonus! There are many online services that can print your vows as beautiful artwork, such as Mindted. Your framed rows will be a lasting reminder of the vows you made to your spouse on your wedding day.

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Another way to keep your vows safe and sound for many years is to create a keepsake journal or wedding vow book. You can store your vows in one wedding journal or in leather-bound books for each couple. This will ensure that you have quick access to the cherished document whenever you need it.


Many couples choose to skip traditional religious officiants (pastor or rabbi etc.). Instead, they invite their friends to officiate the weddings. This wedding trend has one advantage: the officiant will know the couple well, making the ceremony and vow exchanging even more personal.

A notary public or ordained minister cannot officiate a marriage in many states. Online ordination services can be done quickly and inexpensively so that your officiant is ordained before your ceremony. The Wedgewood Weddings team will be able to provide guidance about who is legally allowed to officiate your wedding.

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We love the private vow exchange as a wedding trend. In lieu of having to perform a traditional wedding ceremony in front guests, couples are choosing to exchange vows privately. This creates a more intimate atmosphere with vows being exchanged in front only of close friends and family. Just like traditional ceremonies, a private vow exchange can be followed immediately by a larger reception. You can also offer guests a cocktail hour with hors-d’oeuvres, while your photographer captures the wedding party.

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This private vow exchange is sometimes referred to as a “minimony” (mini-ceremony). It is perfect for couples who are nervous about speaking in front of others. You can make your guests feel included by hiring a friendly videographer to show highlights at your grand reception.