The Complete Guide to “Gold Wedding Band”

A gold wedding band is a classic, much like a diamond solitaire engagement rings. As a symbol for eternal love and promise, gold bands have been worn on ring fingers and wedding sets for centuries. You can customize your classic wedding band with a range of styles, engravings and etchings. This makes it a timeless choice for brides and grooms.

Since thousands of years, people have exchanged rings to show their love and devotion. But gold bands, which are arguably the most well-known band in history, found their niche in the Victorian era from 1830-1899. Catherine Theis says that mass production of jewelry gained momentum during the Victorian period. “The lower gold content–9 or 10-karat–made it more affordable and accessible to the masses. The status quo in a wedding ceremony was the engagement ring and wedding balloons band.

The pros and cons of gold bands

Gold is versatile and can be worn with almost any outfit, just like a little black dress. Theis states that almost every gemstone looks great when paired with a traditional gold band. A classic gold band is a great alternative to wearing alone, especially if you have a soft gemstone engagement ring such as morganite, oval, or emerald. These gemstones are susceptible to damage due to their weak strength. A gold band that you can wear every day is the best solution.

Theis states that there are many settings styles that work with the classic golden band. He calls it a “staple piece in any collection”. So the possibilities are endless for creating your own ring stack.

If you are intrigued by the idea of wearing an antique ring, here are some things you need to consider. She says, “You want them to last for everyday wear.” You should look out for signs of deterioration. Thinning and pitting are two signs that the gold has begun to deteriorate. Thin, worn bands may crack or break.

What to look for in a gold band?

Which kind of gold should you choose? According to Theis 14K is considered the American standard for gold while 18K is the European standard. She says that 18K yellow gold is more rich in color and has a higher percentage of gold. Theis recommends that you choose 14K or 18K gold for an everyday ring.

Do I choose a hollow or solid gold band? For a piece that will last forever, solid gold is the best choice. Theis advises that you ensure the gold band is solid and not hollow when searching for one. The purity of the gold will also be a sign of quality.

What is the cost of a 14K Solid Gold ring? A high-quality 14K solid yellow band will cost around $400. Prices will vary depending on width and size. However, there are many options available to fit any budget online and in-store. If you are interested in a classic gold band for your ring, there are many direct-to-consumer jewel sites that offer them at very affordable prices.

Are gold bands gender-neutral? The classic gold band can be worn by both men and women. You can create a wedding set that fits your style or play with new trends using their versatility.

Which engagement rings are best paired with gold bands? Theis says that there is a growing trend to pair wider-gold wedding photography bands with more traditional-style engagement rings. For example, a 5mm men’s band with a traditional solitaire and a classic 5mm man’s wedding band. It is unique and unexpected. Unusual pairings are our favorite!

How to Care For a Gold Wedding Band?

It is durable and won’t tarnish making gold a great choice for anyone. The gold band can be worn every day. However, Theis suggests that you remove any gemstone rings prior to working out or gardening. You can clean your gold band by washing it with warm water and gentle dish soap. This is a great option, especially if your ring needs to be worn constantly and you don’t want it to need daily maintenance.

You’ve made the right decision to buy a classic band in gold and are ready to make an investment in something you will treasure for the rest of your life.

  • Cartier 1895 Yellow Gold Wedding Band

Cartier is the most classic of all rings. This stunning and simple gold band is elegant and polished. It also reflects the rich history of Cartier lovers who exchanged their rings on their special day.

  • Catbird Classic Wedding Band

Catbird jewelry is a favorite among “it girls” as well as style icons. Their classic wedding band is a great value. Their unisex half-round, slim-lined band in gold will satisfy all your needs. You can also get it in rose gold or white gold as well as platinum.

  • James Allen 14K gold 3mm Low Dome Wedding Ring

This James Allen piece is pure tradition at an affordable price. It retails for $250. It can be added to any existing ring stack thanks to its low dome.

  • Anna Sheffield Soft Square Band

This 4mm Anna Sheffield piece can be customized to your liking. You can even add engraving, if desired. You can choose from a brushed 14K recycled yellow or rose gold ring. Each ring is custom made.

  • Tiffany & Co. Classic Gold Wedding Band Ring

Tiffany is the perfect symbol of “wedding” Tiffany’s classic 3mm 18K Gold weddings band looks equally stunning and iconic when worn alone as with a stack diamonds or a gem engagement ring.